Camp Aranu'tiq (of Harbor Camps), serving transgender youth & their families, is our flagship program. We have several weeks of programming in New Hampshire & California for all ages and we continue to grow to meet the needs of this population. In 2016 we launched Camp Seneb for kids with skeletal dysplasia and in 2018 we will complete our Harbor Camps family with one-week programs in NH for kids with craniofacial/facial differences.
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Harbor Camps Leadership

Full-Time Staff
Nick began his days as a camper in Maine in 1993. After founding Camp Aranu'tiq in 2009 and seeing its success, Nick decided to start Harbor Camps (Camp Aranu'tiq is its "anchor" camp) so that more youth & families from a couple of other populations could benefit from overnight camp experiences. He now has over 10 years experience in leading and running camps. Nick is also a social worker by training. He works full-time on all of Harbor Camps' programs, serving as camp director when they are in session. He lives in the Boston area with his wife, Erika, baby daughter Rebecca, and their two dogs, all of whom join him at camp in the summer.


Eric began as a volunteer at Camp Aranu'tiq of Harbor Camps in 2011. Eric has a background in public health, and for the three years prior to joining our team, he worked in HIV prevention. When not at camp, Eric enjoys traveling, cooking, writing, and art. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and social welfare from the University of Connecticut. Eric works on camp preparations, fundraising, staff/volunteer hiring, and many other areas. He lives in the Boston area in the off-season and spends the summer at our New Hampshire camp.


Steve Jaeger is the Head of Facilities/Camp Ranger for Harbor Camps' New Hampshire property. Steve has been a camp ranger for 15 years, six of which have been on our current property with the previous owners. He has worked for the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. Steve is an avid fisherman and enjoys all outdoor activities. He and his wife Lisa live on site year-round. He has three grown children, Josh, Aly, and Brandon. Steve feels strongly that camp is something all children deserve to experience.

Board of Directors

Morgan Darby, M.A., M.A.T., has been a board member with Harbor Camps since its inception in 2009. She was also an assistant camp director of Camp Aranu'tiq for six years. Morgan works in education in Oakland, Calif. Morgan remains active on the Education Fund board of directors for MassEquality. She holds an M.A. in gender and cultural studies and a M.A.T. from Simmons College.

Bob Ditter, M.Ed., LCSW, is a camp professional as well as a child & family therapist in Boston. He is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant for organizations that work with young people. He has visited over 600 summer camps in the United States, has spoken about camp on many national television programs, and has authored four books for camp professionals and 14 training DVDs.

Julie Lipson, MA, MT-BC, has been a board member with Harbor Camps since its inception. She is the director of Camp Aranu'tiq in California and an assistant director at Aranu'tiq in NH. She has experience as a life-long camper, counselor, songleader, and teacher. She has worked with communities for more than 10 years, leading music, movement, drumming, and team-building experiences for children of all ages and adults. Julie is a music therapist and currently lives in Philadelphia.

Melissa MacNish, LMHC, has been a board member with Harbor Camps since its inception. She is also an assistant director of Camp Aranu'tiq in NH. She is a mental health counselor in private practice in Boston. Melissa is a consultant for Greater Boston PFLAG and collaborates with parents to run support groups for parents. She is dedicated to creating safe spaces for all youth.

Marissa Peifer, Psy.D., has been a board member with Harbor Camps since its inception. Marissa is also an assistant director of Camp Aranu'tiq in NH. Marissa is a psychologist practicing in Boston. She has worked clinically with transgender youth and their families and has published on supporting families through transition.

Why serve these specific populations?

Camp Aranu'tiq for transgender youth was founded in 2009 because it was clear that trans youth were an underserved population that needed a camp(s) where they could feel at home and make friends with others of similar experiences. Aranu'tiq is our largest camp and we look forward to its continued growth. When we purchased a property in New Hampshire, we decided to launch our umbrella organization of "Harbor Camps," of which Camp Aranu'tiq is the main program. We set aside two weeks per summer to serve a couple of other populations of youth that often experience marginalization in the outside world. In researching underserved youth camp populations in the Northeastern US, we landed on two groups that we are excited to serve: kids with skeletal dysplasia/dwarfism and kids with craniofacial/facial differences. Camp Seneb for kids with skeletal dysplasia successfully launched in 2016 and our craniofacial camp will launch in 2018.